Our Story

Mason County Lockdown: 

John Cheesman - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Anthony Ruffolo - Guitars, Vocals
Rick Ieritano - Guitars
Zac Wrixon - Bass, Vocals
Tim Kwiatkowski - Drums 

Bands come and bands go. They pop up, maybe play a few shows or somebody's wedding, then disappear. Some bands have one or two good players, while some might have professionals just looking for a paycheck without really caring about what songs they're playing. The story of Mason County Lockdown is the story of five guys who found THEIR band. Five guys who found the band they'd always been looking for. Five guys that are good enough to play on their own records - a rarity in country music. Mason County Lockdown is about no compromises - the songs, the production, the live show. Mason County Lockdown is OUR band. 

So please, come have a listen. We'd love to make our band your band too.